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G-H3 Oral Liquid 32 oz Bottle or 3-month supply

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Manufacturer: Nu-Gen Nutrition

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G-H3 Oral Liquid 32 oz Bottle or 3-month supply

G-H3 Oral Liquid 32 oz Bottle or 3-month supply


G-H3 (aka Gerovital H3, GH3, GH 3, Procaine Formula, Aslan Formula, Procaine Therapy, or GH-3) was originally developed as a nutritional "Anti-Aging/Reverse-Aging" tonic for elderly persons. It aids the body in a wide range of anabolic activities. It favorably affects all cells and all systems of the body, the circulatory system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, the gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal systems. G-H3 has been marketed in the US as a dietary supplement since the 80s, and possibly longer.

It has positive effects on the heart, skin, hair, nails, tissues, memory functions, moods and dispositions, intelligence, energy (physical and mental), joint function, stress, protein synthesis, cellular integrity, sexual performance, hearing, eyesight, sleep patterns.

G-H3 is an antioxidant and oxygenator. It also supports healthy, positive mood and outlook.

G-H3 can increase appetite and desire. It is a catalyst serving to promote the manufacture of other vitamins (bionutrients), and has many other catalytical effects at the cellular level. Like Cantron, OPCs, ginseng, etc., it can help protect against radiation damage.

G-H3 helps revitalize the elderly, but it can be taken by old and young alike to prolong youthful, healthy functioning. It is a tremendous product for students and athletes, since it gives an incredible performance edge in both physical and mental activities.

For decades, tens of thousands of people flocked to Europe, spending up to $3,000 to receive G-H3 treatments. However, the authentic product is available through our company at just a fraction of the cost. Why buy Gerovital tablets, GH3 cream, or take Gerovital H3 injections when you can conveniently use and benefit from our G-H3 Oral Liquid Anti-aging Tonic? Now everyone has access to a truly high-quality and affordable G-H3 “Anti-Aging” oral liquid tonic without costly shots, injections or treatments.


Buffered and stabilized procaine hydrochloride, benzoic acid, potassium, metabisulfite, disodium phosphate, purified water. Contains no milk, egg, fish, crustacean shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat, soybeans or gluten.

Directions for Use

As a dietary supplement, take 10cc (roughly equivalent to two teaspoons) of the liquid on an empty stomach once per day.

BEWARE OF PHONIES: Many companies are selling a fraudulent G-H3 product through high-powered marketing campaigns. These companies quote G-H3 testimonials, G-H3 research and label their product G-H3, but they are not G-H3! Since 1979, Medical Research Products has carried the original Professor Ana Aslan formula in the highly assimilable oral liquid formulation. It is the best way to ingest this wondrous nutritional supplement. If the product does not contain 2% procaine hydrochloride, benzoic acid, potassium metabisulfite and disodium phosphate, it is not G-H3. Only take the original Asian formula.

NOTE TO CANTRON USERS: Since Cantron works better in the presence of oxygen, and because G-H3 can increase circulation and cellular oxygenation, it is recommended to take G-H3 along with it. G-H3 also aids in the permeation of Cantron into the cells and hard-to-reach areas, such as the lymphatic system. Because it gives physical and mental energy, increases appetite and desire, promotes a positive outlook, and is extremely beneficial against stress, it is a wonderful counterpart to Cantron.

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