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Product Reviews

We realize that the best measure of a successful product is when our customers are completely satisfied with the overall quality, performance, reliability and support. We appreciate and respect the needs of every customer and always strive to meet or exceed their expectations with every product we offer. The following customer reviews are just a small sampling of the many verbal or written reviews we receive on a daily basis.

Vitasalus HardnessMaster

"We installed the V-750 when we remodeled the kitchen. 3 months later, the new stainless sink, faucet and dishwasher have zero mineral build-up and the water tastes great! The cost of the system pays for itself with the following savings:

  • $100 per year for fridge filters
  • $100 per year for the old under-sink water filter
  • $20 per month in salt for a water softening system. Not to mention the savings from water and electricity loss when running a water softener.
"Our original faucets and toilets are also clean due to the HardnessMaster Electronic Water Conditioner. I only wish I knew about this 7 years ago! Great product! "
Randy S., Tucson, Arizona (AZ)

"We have been using two of the Hardness Masters for a year now with great results. As an engineer I had experience with the technology in a plant but was leery as our plant system could be overwhelmed. With the performance gurantee we were willing to give a try. We have very hard water and were not interested in the salt systems (taste and warning on shrub watering with how much salt would be put in for our hardness) and the reverse osmosis systems are very expensive. We had issues with cloudy glasses (one wash), scale in toilets (needed scraping within two weeks, limeaway and vinegar did not work), and cloudy/scale build up on glass shower doors. Our glasses no longer get cloudy in the dishwasher, the toilets only need cleaning every 4 months or so (3 times last year) and NO scraping! We put vinegar in, soak for several hours, and flush. The glass shower doors have only needed to be cleaned twice in last year and is is very easy with limeaway and sponge versus three treatments with heavy scrubbing before every several weeks."
Eric W., Lawrenceburg, IN

"I love this softener! The water in Las Vegas is hard (18.3 gpg). I bought the Vitasalus HardnessMaster with skepticism. I installed it in five minutes and said 'We'll see how it works'. In two days time I felt a difference! After the third day and a couple loads of laundry I could literally feel and see the difference in my clothes and around the sink and shower. I am only sorry that I didn't find the HardnessMaster sooner. I've told all my friends about the Hardness Master. Do yourself a favor and get one today!"
Scott M., Las Vegas, Nevada (NV)

"Just wanted to thank you for solving my hard water problems. I recently purchased a HardnessMaster whole house system from you. To be honest, I thought the Hardness Master was a gimmick at first, it being so small and relatively cheap. I noticed the hardness go away the third day after we used about 1000 gallons of water. We are now enjoying soft water without using a salt brine. Also, I now have more space in my garage since I have trashed my old salt unit. Great product. Thanks again,"
Ray M., Corpus Christi, Texas (TX)

"I live in an area that has well water causing a strong amount of minerals in the water, especially lime and calcium. Our shower-head would clog with the calcium and a rust-colored ring would form in the toilet bowl, plus our chrome faucets would always have spots that would be hard to remove. After reading many testmonials on the Hardness Master and talking directly to John at Vitasalus Inc., I purchased a HardnessMaster. It took very little time to install and "Yes", even a woman can do it. To be honest, I was very surprised to notice a change in our water quality the very first 24 hours after installation. The ring in the toilet is gone, the spots on the faucets are gone and the water no longer stains the chrome. To get such results in such a short period of time is remarkable. For the price, much more reasonable then others, the HardnessMaster is well worth the investment. No maintance and because we have just replaced our sinks and toilets it is a very good feeling to know they will continue to keep that "new look" apperance with the help of the HardnessMaster. Take my word for it; It really works! Needless to say, I am one happy customer."
Janet C., Oconomowoc, Wisconsin (WI)

"What a concept! We are so very excited to be using the HardnessMaster! Our home is a green home and we were never really pleased with the use of salt water softeners. Not only do they add dangerous amounts of salt to water and people think it is actually drinkable, all of the minerals necessary to good health are destroyed. With the Hardness Master we get soft water and can drink up our badly needed minerals too! Great job!!!"
Rick and Rose B., Riverside, California (CA)

"Hello...I am on my 5th. week of using your HardnessMaster System and thus far have experienced quite a change in my water quality. Thank you for this technology. I am just now seeing a bit of power residue in my dishwasher as expected, but over all it started to improve on the first week...Thanks again for your product. We will indeed recommend the HardnessMaster to friends.
Merry Christmas,"
Richard S., New Mexico (NM)

"We installed a HardnessMaster on Sep 4, 2009. This sure is a GREAT product, all things have turned out AMAZING for us since installation. All the reviews I read before purchase are true, I will add a few more. Don't want to bore you, but we are so pleased with your HardnessMaster I would like to pass our true experience on to you.

"After 10 minutes installation process, AMAZING things began to happen. First, Don, my husband opened the drain on water heater, nothing happened, no water, he thought he had to get a new value, I said just let it go till tomorrow morning and we will see what happens. After 16 hours he tried again to drain water heater, nothing happened until we had a big explosion, you would not believe what came out of that water heater, full of calcium, only took 16 hours to clear that water spigot to drain the water, took out the 5 gallons like instructions, next day the same and third day the same, for my satisfaction, I opened the spigot on the 4th day, and continued each day for a week, until I had no calcium. First thing I noticed was how soft the water felt when washing hands, they are now softer, haven't use hand lotion since installation.

"Only use 1 tablespoon of liquid soap in front loading washing machine, no use of softer anymore, HardnessMaster does that for you. Don's diabetic socks come out of washer almost dry. AMAZING! Wash on normal no more heavy duty. Set my dryer on delicate, all heavy clothes dry on that setting. No dryer sheets, clothes are AMAZING soft.

"Glassware in dishwasher come out sparkling clean no white water spots, AMAZING! No rinse aid. Don't like chemicals.
My home brewed ice tea is so much better tasting since installation of HardnessMaster.

"Rings in commodes are getting lighter, began to notice that in about 5 days. Inside of tanks are crystal clear. Shower doors are losing water spots AMAZING! Skin is much softer, quit using hand lotion, Don and I have white hair it is so sparkling, and so much softer, need no conditioner anymore. Dryness on scalp is gone. AMAZING!

"My teeth are much whiter, gums are a pretty pink, I blame HardnessMaster. AMAZING!

"To sum this all up, less soap, electric, shampoo, need no rinses, no chemicals, cleaner clothes, better tasting water, no water spots, save your water heater, just try HardnessMaster, YOU MAY LIKE IT, all for $295, and free shipping. It really is a great all around product. I like this product so much I would even like to sell it, because I found out all those reviews were true. Just where do you get a product like that anymore? "Green" and eco-friendly technology. That is HARDNESSMASTER, AMAZING! TRY ME YOU MAY LIKE ME!

"Good luck all, AMAZING!"
Joanne and Donald in PA

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PureMaster V-Series

"We bought the EQ-300 system 5+ years ago. It has worked great. It can be installed yourself but unless you're handy, it's best to call a plumber for a few hundred dollars (I hate wasting my Saturdays on things I know nothing about). Well, we needed a new system as the EQ-300 was "spent", so we upgraded to the PureMaster V-700 system. I even brought the plumber back out again to modify the installation to the larger V-700 unit and glad I did (I'm just not that handy w/ plumbing). We had researched all the other systems and found them to be wasteful (ie: RO) and still allowing microbes, etc into the water. Can't say enough about it."
Ray P., Indianapolis, Indiana (IN)

"I replaced a different whole house water system, that had been in place for 12 years , with your PureMaster V-700 system, you have a great product. Thank you for making it affordable. "
Oscar G., Dallas, Texas (TX)

"I installed the PureMaster V-700 about four months ago along with the HardnessMaster water softener/conditioner and so far love that taste of my water and the fact that stains in toilets etc. are going away."
Susan S., Atlantic Beach, Florida (FL)

"After using several other types and kinds of water filters I finally decided to spend the extra dollars to install the PureMaster V-700. After 3 months of use now I am incredibly happy with the results I’m seeing. I should have done this a long time ago and am completely satisfied beyond my expectations. Thank you for the follow up."
Mark P., Seabrook, Texas (TX)

"Thank You for following through on the shipment ... the Pure Master V-700 arrived last Friday. The PureMaster V-700 was installed this week and I can tell you that I'm finally enjoying good water to drink from my sink!"
Lori E., Apollo Beach, Florida (FL)

"We had the EQ-300 (bought in 2006) for about 6.5 years and now upgraded to the PureMaster V-700 and FluorideMaster systems. A great product that was straight-forward to install and our water tastes the best ever! Thanks again for continuing to sell these products. Compared to some of the other whole-house units out there, these are a bargain."
Pablo M., Shawnee, Kansas (KS)

"On August 24, 2012 I purchased the Metal Master system and the PureMaster V-500 Premium Whole House Water Filtration Complete System. I was experiencing a lot of iron rust in our well water, the toilets, shower, sinks and washing machine were always yellow. Our white laundry would turn yellow when we washed. If you had a glass of water it would look like Vernor's Ginger Ale ( a soft drink in Michigan) in a little while. I searched the internet for many systems and did a lot of research. I contacted Vitasalus and the representative took time to explain everything to me and my exact needs. He recommended I get my water tested first so they could make sure to get the right system. I had it tested and called Vitasalus back with the information. The system took about 3 hours to install and has worked excellently since installed. The water is the purest and tastes great, no stains of any kind, our whites are always white and my wife is very happy. Running perfectly for 4 months, clear water from the first day.
"We no longer have to buy water to drink and cook with, it sure tastes better than city water. No more Iron-Out, tub and shower cleaner and the scrubbing and chemical smell of cleaning the sinks, shower, tub, toilets, washing machine and dishwasher to get rid of iron stains, all clean all the time now. I save from $75.00 to $100.00 a month now that I have been using the above system. This system is well worth the cost.
"Thank you for all of your help and a great system, I would recommend this system to anyone that has an iron problem or needs pure clean water."
John R., Oakland County, Michigan (MI)

"I purchased the PureMaster V-500 on May 29, 2012 but did not get it installed until Oct 11, 2012. Since installation we can tell the difference in the water. My wife was unhappy with our old filter (7 yrs old) because it made tea and coffee black. The PureMaster V-500 filter has corrected this and she is now pleased with the new filter. Also the ease of replacing the old filter was very easy, especially for an 85 year old. I was told all fitting from the old filter would fit and that made it easy.
Pleased with new filter,"
George C., Fouke, Arkansas (AR)

"I have been thoroughly impressed by the improvement in water quality after installing my filter. I was also impressed by the personal attention I received after ordering my filter. Before my PureMaster V-500 filter was shipped, I was contacted by phone by a representative from Vitasalus regarding my particular situation to make sure my conditions would be remedied."
RV User

"The PureMaster V-300 is an excellent product. The PureMaster V-300 was very easy to install and worry-free operation. I have been using the EQ-300 product for 6 years and just ordered the PureMaster V-300 as a replacement system."
Ray R., Ottawa, Ontario (ON), CANADA

"We moved to a home with water supplied by the local municipality. The water smelled to high heaven of chlorine (as if someone had filled the sink with bleach) and we vowed not to move in until we found a way to take the chlorine out of the water. The water was also very saturated with particulate matter. We purchased and installed the Premium Whole House Water Filtration System and have not smelled the slightest hint of chlorine or seen any particulates in the water at all. Thanks again."
Arthur G., Baldwin, Georgia (GE)

"Dear John, The Equipment is installed and is delivering unbelievable results. We can't thank you enough for all the help and the amazing water purification system."
Joan S. Engelhard, NC

"Dear John and Nick:
It's amazing the crud that is getting filtered just in the first stage. We have no more chlorine smell in the shower; the water feels and smells fresh and clean."
Herm K. Allendale, MI

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Ultramarine Omega-3 Virgin Salmon Oil

"I've suffered from a general negative outlook/mood over the years and was told that the Ultramarine Omega-3 could really help me. I can't believe what a big difference it has made with my overall mood...I feel that I have a more positive outlook and even more focused now. I also give it to my younger children who just chew them and love the natural lemon flavor...I was told its important for their brain development. Thanks for making this product available!"
Michelle C., MI

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