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Vitasalus PureMaster V-Series V-700 and FluorideMaster Combo

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Vitasalus PureMaster V-Series V-700 and FluorideMaster Combo ***FREE Shipping***

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  1. Our plumber was impressed! Review by Carol K.

    Just wanted to let you know that I finally got my Vitasalus PureMaster V-700 / FluorideMaster Combo and Hardness Master installed on 11/18/16.
    All is well and my water quality is much happier. Please note installation date for my warranty to begin. If you need a copy of the plumbing bill, let me know.

    FYI, the plumber commented on the quality of the system. I plan on giving them feedback after a fair months evaluation. At which time they may be interested in promoting your product.

    Carol K., Ponte Vedra, Florida (FL)

  2. Amazing results - tested with Lamont Fluoride Meter Review by Pablomck

    Check out my review at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3FDlfjXYuk
    Paul M., Cedar Hill, Texas (TX)

  3. Great product! Review by Clay M.

    Thank you for the Puremaster and Flouridemaster filters. They are great. I installed them last month and my wife and i can notice a big difference in the water.
    Its softer, smells better, tastes better, feels better and doesn't sting nicks or cuts in the skin. My wife's hands are not chafed or scaly any more.
    I thought the filters would make a difference. but not this big so fast
    Clay M., Boston, Massachusetts (MA)

  4. On our second set of PureMaster/FluorideMaster Combo System Review by Jane W.

    Love them & have "turned on" several friends to them. Have been using for 7 years.
    Jane W., Fort Myers, Florida (FL)

  5. Great Results Review by Eric M.

    My wife and I tried another filter system that did not remove fluoride as promised. I found the Vitasalus system and have been very pleased. We purchased the V-700 and the Fluoride Master. I installed the system myself with no issues. Our water was completely undrinkable prior to install. We can now drink the water with no odd tastes or odors! My last fluoride reading was 0.0968 mg/L (It was 1.1 mg/L before the filter). Thanks so much for producing an excellent product!
    Eric M., Shadyside, Ohio (OH)

  6. My daughter greatly helped with the clean water! Review by Billy C.

    "Good evening and God bless you Robert. I just want to give you a little background about why I began searching for home water filtration systems. My wife and I were blessed with a wonderful little girl in 2003. At the age of about two she began to have some small skin rashes which were quickly diagnosed as eczema. As the years progressed her skin condition began to get worse and infections followed. Trying to bath her was a terrible experience for all of us especially my little angel. She would cry and scream as soon as the water touched her dry exposed skin. After many weeks of doing research and actually using water from other systems to try on my daughter I was drowning in information. I really did take a chance with Vitasalus as I did not know anyone personally who had the system. I purchased the PureMaster V-700 and the FluorideMaster more than 2 years ago. The night after I installed the system, we tried to get my daughter in the bathtub. She did not want to go in as usual but after she let me pour a little of the water over on of her bad spots she went right in. The only tears that night were from joy and my wife and I just lost it. Thank you so much for taking the time to make such a great system as well as making it affordable. I was so very close to spending thousands of dollars on another system to help my daughter, without knowing if it would work. I have since had my house water tested twice by an independent lab in New Jersey with fantastic results. I will share any and all information with anyone who wants to see the results. And yes my daughter has been helped greatly by this system, she can now receive the hydration her skin was crying out for."
    Billy C., Lakewood Ranch, Florida (FL)

  7. Extremely happy with the PureMaster V-700 and FluorideMaster Review by Susan R.

    We are extremely happy with the PureMaster V-700 and FluorideMaster Premium Whole House Water Filtration Systems, and the prompt, helpful customer service we've received. Water pressure was a concern of ours, and we noticed no drop in pressure after the system was installed. We are enjoying the freedom of being able to drink water from any tap in the house, instead of from a water filter installed at the kitchen sink. The water is clear and delicious without the chlorine smell it had in the past. And somehow the bath water now has a lovely shade of blue. Our plumber installed shut-off valves on either side of the filter system - highly recommended for ease of use.
    Susan R., Portland, Oregon (OR)

  8. Shocked how much better the water tastes Review by Bob B.

    I just got done installing the PureMaster V-700 and the FluorideMaster over the weekend; was fairly easy to install for a day's work. My Wife and I have known for some time that fluoride in our drinking water is not a good thing along with chlorine and what else sneaks into our water form the treatment plant and along the way ..We also have 2 little girls... So after doing some research and then speaking with the great people at Vitasalus and reading Bill C.'s review above i figured, let's go with it.... (If you see this Bill, I would love to hear an up date, please...)
    Well, it's up 'n running, and I have to say I'm even shocked at the difference in our water after just 1 day, We have had a Dupont 3 filter for drinking water in our kitchen, which consist of 2 carbon filters and one micro filter to help with taste and chlorine removal, knowing it did nothing for the fluoride in the water. But I'm shocked at how much better the water tastes—no taste, no hint of a smell..just crisp 'n clean. Shower bath time has changed overnight;. the water now has a little slickness—hard to explain, but it just feels better. And the best part is now i just sit back and track water usage all the way to 400k for the first stop : )
    Thanks, Vitasalus!
    Bob B., Hickory Hills, Illinois (IL)

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