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Replacement Unit vs. Replacement Media

Historically, Vitasalus has not offered the Replacement Media option. However, for some customers it is an appropriate option, so they are now offering it. But we want to alert consumers about the realities of the Replacement Media option (i.e., one or more bags of replacement media).

It is important to know that the proper process of emptying the tank, tank cleaning and disinfection, and pouring or layering of media is a laborious, time-consuming and challenging process. The following aspects must be considered before choosing the Replacement Media Option:

  1. Expired unit may weigh well over 100 pounds, with water and saturated media, making it very challenging for the average person to handle and manipulate when performing the proper media replacement process;
  2. If a plumber or handyperson with basic plumbing experience is paid to handle the complete media replacement process, the consumer should be prepared to pay for an extra 1 to 2 hours of labor cost;
  3. Unit must be properly emptied, cleaned and disinfected;
  4. Rubber gloves should be used to avoid direct skin contact with expired media which may contain concentrations of certain contaminants which are unhealthy for human contact;
  5. Careful attention must be exercised to prevent the introduction of bacteria and other contaminants into the unit during the refill process; and
  6. Replacement Media must be properly poured and layered into the unit to ensure effective water filtration performance.

Therefore, we generally do not recommend the Replacement Media approach for everyone. Instead, Vitasalus provides existing customers with a Pre-loaded and Ready-to-Install Replacement Unit that can quickly and easily replace their old unit simply by sliding out the old and sliding in the new with easy PVC connectors.

The best aspect of the Replacement Unit approach is that the homeowner or anyone with very basic plumbing experience can handle the simple replacement process; they can also have great confidence that when the process is completed their new Replacement Unit will work properly without having to deal with any of the previously mentioned potential challenges.