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Vitasalus PureMaster: Customer Reviews

We realize that the best measure of a successful product is when our customers are completely satisfied with the overall quality, performance, reliability and support. We appreciate and respect the needs of every customer and always strive to meet or exceed their expectations with every product we offer. The following customer reviews are just a small sampling of the many verbal or written reviews we receive on a daily basis.

Facebook post from Jennifer Bianchini Flewelling in New Hampshire, March 24, 2016:

"The Vitasalus PureMaster V-750 Whole House Water Filter System is like Magic! The PureMaster V-750 really works just like in the description!!! A+"
Max B., Fayetteville, North Carolina (NC)

"Just finished installing my PureMaster V-750 Whole House Water Filtration System. WOW, what a difference this unit makes in the quality of our water. I'll be telling everyone I know about your great product. Thanks again."
Joseph C., Port Penn, Delaware (DE)

"What an incredible difference. After installing a PureMaster V-750 myself (very easy), the difference in water quality is immediate. I can see why no other company wants to compare their over-priced products to yours! There is NO Chloramine smell that was overpowering before. I am 100% satisfied, and what a pleasure dealing with your expert techs and reps. I would recommend this product to everyone."
Dennis A., Memphis, Tennessee (TN)

"Recently purchased the PureMaster V-750 whole house water filter and am very pleased with the difference in our water quality...Thanks!"
David H., Bear, Delaware (DE)

"I recently purchased a Pure Master V-750 system...The system is working very well. Thank you."
Arthur D., Anderson, South Carolina (SC)

"Installed the V-750 system on the main water line last June 16th., the difference in taste and clarity of the water is quite surprising...very satisfied with the product. Expecting acceptable water for the next ten years."
Charles E., Green Valley, Arizona (AZ)

"We have lived in a very rural setting for the last 15 years. Our spring, which is very productive, has always been unusable for drinking or cooking due to poor taste caused by brine and other byproducts of oil and gas wells adjacent the property. I had been hauling gallon jugs of water from my workplace for all these years. Then we bought the incredibly affordable PureMaster V-750 whole house filtering system. At a fraction of the cost of a reverse osmosis system, this unit has transformed this horrible water into good tasting water that can be accessed from our tap. We can't tell you how pleased and amazed we are at the transformation that has occurred as a result of the installing of this extremely affordable and effective system!"
Kyle D., Malta, Ohio (OH)

"The PureMaster V-750 whole house water filtration system works fine and the water is absolutely wonderful. Thank you again."
Ioanis P., New York, New York (NY)

"We moved to a home with water supplied by the local municipality. The water smelled to high heaven of chlorine (as if someone had filled the sink with bleach) and we vowed not to move in until we found a way to take the chlorine out of the water. The water was also very saturated with particulate matter. We purchased and installed the Premium Whole House Water Filtration System and have not smelled the slightest hint of chlorine or seen any particulates in the water at all. Thanks again."
Arthur G., Baldwin, Georgia (GE)

"Dear John, The Equipment is installed and is delivering unbelievable results. We can't thank you enough for all the help and the amazing water purification system."
Joan S. Engelhard, NC

"Dear John and Nick:
It's amazing the crud that is getting filtered just in the first stage. We have no more chlorine smell in the shower; the water feels and smells fresh and clean."
Herm K. Allendale, MI

"I recently installed the V-750 and am very pleased with the change in water taste, no more chlorine taste smell etc THANK YOU!"
William V.

"We purchased a V-750 filtration system earlier this year. We are extremely pleased, with it's performance. Our skin looks great after bathing, we don't have to pinch our noses while drinking a glass of water, and our food is much more tasty. A million thank you's,"
Jacqueline R.