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Dr. John Maras: Resume

"If you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live?"
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  • Graduated Washington State University, Pullman Washington, B.S. Metallurgical Engineering, 1960.
  • Boeing, Seattle Washington, Metallurgical Engineer, 1960 - 1962.
  • Wyeth Laboratories, Pharmaceutical Sales, 1962 - 1965.
  • Gonzaga University, Spokane Washington, Pre-Med Courses, 1965 - 1966.
  • Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Kirksville Missouri, D.O. degree, 1970.
    What is a D.O.?
  • Allentown Osteopathic Hospital, Allentown Pennsylvania, Internship, 1971.
  • Warren State Hospital, Warren Pennsylvania, M.D. residency in Neurology, Psychiatry, 1979 - 1981.
  • Retired due to bad health, prostate cancer, etc., 1995.
  • Founder & President, Nu-Gen Nutrition, Inc., 1996 - 2006.
    Tribute to Dr. Maras

The Nu-Gen Nutrition, Inc. company was founded over a decade ago by Dr. John F. Maras, DO. The purpose of the Nu-Gen Nutrition website is to provide individuals throughout the world with helpful information, in simple language that most people can understand, so that they may explore rational approaches towards wellness which they may apply to their life.

  • Dr. Maras coined the new health concept or 'model,' called Rational Wellness Therapy (RWT). RWT treats the whole nature of the individual through supplementation, diet, exercise, meditation, prayer, etc.
  • Dr. Maras authored the Rational Wellness Therapy (RWT) book, 1st edition, 2002.
  • Dr. Maras authored the Rational Wellness Therapy (RWT) book, 2nd edition (combining 1st edition), 2004.
  • Dr. Maras' RWT books were written to provide the average individual with quick answers to their most frequently asked questions regarding new and existing treatments. Dr. Maras' latest Rational Wellness Therapy (RWT) book, which combines the 1st and 2nd editions, provides individuals with a simple way to evaluate any recommended treatment or program.
  • Dr. Maras carefully developed a Wellness Protocols & Programs Library based upon the wellness consultations he provided for over 115,000 individuals who were serious about dramatically improving their health and well-being.