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About Dr. John Maras

"People are dying of cancer every day. Our first priority should be to stop the dying with whatever tools are at hand..."
Dr. John F. Maras, DO

In 1994, Dr. Maras was diagnosed with prostate cancer and retired in 1995 due to his health challenges. Although he was a conventional medicine M.D. and D.O., during his quest to find successful ways to quickly regain his wellness, Dr. Maras began acquiring a wealth of knowledge about alternative medicine and wellness oriented products. He then enthusiastically decided to share his knowledge with others and founded the company Nu-Gen Nutrition, Inc. in 1996. He put up this website and began sharing his knowledge via the internet and through FREE email and telephone consultations. The main purpose of this website is to provide individuals throughout the world with helpful information, in simple language that most people can understand, so that they may explore rational approaches towards wellness, which they may apply to their life. Dr. Maras also coined the new health concept or 'model,' called Rational Wellness Therapy (RWT). RWT treats the whole nature of the individual through supplementation, diet, exercise, meditation, prayer, etc.

In 2002, Dr. Maras authored the 1st edition of his Rational Wellness Therapy (RWT) book. In 2004, he authored the 2nd edition of his Rational Wellness Therapy (RWT) book, combining this edition with the 1st edition. Dr. Maras' RWT books were written to provide the average individual with quick answers to their most frequently asked questions regarding new and existing treatments. Dr. Maras' latest 2nd edition Rational Wellness Therapy (RWT) book, which combines with his 1st edition, provides individuals with a simple way to evaluate any recommended treatment or program.

In 1996, Dr. Maras started carefully developing a library of wellness protocols and programs, based upon the wellness consultations he provided for over 115,000 individuals.

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Dr. Maras once said, "There is a growing emphasis on improving the health of patients instead of treating the disease alone. Optimal nutrition, stimulating the immune system, massage therapy, and maintaining a positive attitude, are some of the approaches that people are trying."