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Vitasalus FluorideMaster: Specifications Chart

Capacity/Lifespan: 400,000 gallons or about 4–6 years*

One can replace their expired FluorideMaster system with either a Replacement System Unit or Replacement Media.
Replacement Unit vs. Replacement Media
Filtration Media: Approx. 60 pounds of high-grade FluoriSorb™ media (known as Hydroxyapatite/Bone Char) which is considered to significantly outperform other fluoride reduction media such as "activated alumina." The FluorideMaster™ does not contain any "activated alumina."
Filtration Stages: 2       See Details
Filtration Capability: Complete system is designed to completely remove or significantly reduce fluoride (commonly found in city/municipal water supplies), sediment and/or particulate matter from all of the water entering the home.
Number of Bathrooms: 1 – 6 bathrooms
Service Flow Rate: 8 - 10 gpm (30.3 - 37.8 L/min)
(NOTE: A typical household requires a service flow rate of 6gpm.)
Tank Size: 10" diameter x 54" height
Total Weight: FluorideMaster Complete System: approx. 80 lbs w/ installation kit
FluorideMaster Replacement System: approx. 75 lbs
FluorideMaster Replacement Media: approx. 60 lbs .
Required Installation Space: approx. 60” high x 36” wide x 12” deep.  The FluorideMaster tank size is 10" diameter x 54" height (11.5" at black base/stand).
Installation Kit: Provided with the FluorideMaster™ Complete System only and includes: FluorideMaster and PureMaster V-Series Installation and Maintenance Guide; (1) FluorideMaster™ tank unit; (3) 4" PVC nipples; (1) .35 Prefilter housing; (2) PVC unions; (2) 1" to ¾" reducer fittings; (1) .35-micron sediment/particulate/cysts/copepods prefilter; and (1) Garden hose adapter.
System Plumbing Size: Fits both 1" and 3/4" (standard) plumbing (with 1"-to-3/4" reducer/adapters included)
Prefilter: 0.35-micron prefilter used to filter out potential copepods, cysts, sediment and/or particulate matter down to 0.35 microns in size.
Operating Pressure: 20 – 125psi
Operating Temperature: 33 – 110° F (0.56-43.33° C)
Ambient Temperature: 33 – 110° F (0.56-43.33° C)
pH Range: 6.0 –7.5 (Ask us about Vitasalus pH systems if outside this range.)
Warranty: All FluorideMaster™ purchases are backed by the following:
  • 10-year defect-free warranty on materials and workmanship involving the tank and tank head components; and
  • Lifetime prorated warranty on the system media of 4 years.
Warranty - Industry Leading
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: All FluorideMaster™ purchases are backed by an industry-leading, 6-month 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We are truly confident about its high-quality materials, workmanship, and performance.  In fact, if you're not completely satisfied after properly installing and using your FluorideMaster™ system, call us within 6 months of delivery, and we'll give you a 100% refund plus pay for return shipping. 6-month 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

* The lower end value of the media lifespan range, as specified in the system's specifications chart, is based upon the average annual water usage of a household of 3-4 people. Replace the media or the blue tank with media when the system gallonage capacity is reached or there is a noticeable return of off-tastes and/or odors.
** May require a separate or adjunct specialty system to address the particular water condition and, if necessary, to protect this system. For assistance addressing your specific water condition(s), please contact one of our Water Systems Specialists.

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