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Vitasalus FluorideMaster: Customer Reviews

We realize that the best measure of a successful product is when our customers are completely satisfied with the overall quality, performance, reliability and support. We appreciate and respect the needs of every customer and always strive to meet or exceed their expectations with every product we offer. The following customer review is just one of the many verbal or written reviews we receive on a daily basis.

Amazing results - tested with Lamont Fluoride Meter
"Check out my review at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CNK36GEDE_Y"
Pablomck, Cedar Hill, Texas (TX)

"We had the EQ-300 (bought in 2006) for about 6.5 years and now upgraded to the PureMaster V-700 and FluorideMaster systems. A great product that was straight-forward to install and our water tastes the best ever! Thanks again for continuing to sell these products. Compared to some of the other whole-house units out there, these are a bargain."
Pablo M., Shawnee, Kansas (KS)

"Howdy, I installed the fluoride filter you custom built for me. I'm a water treatment operator at Ft. Richards in Alaska. I did a fluoride sample last night, raw well water was .99mg/l. Product water after fluoride filter was zero. Thanks for a fine product!!!"
Robert A., Eagle River, AK

"Nick / John.......I had my water retested after the installation of these ArsenicMaster and FluorideMaster water filters and everything came back a big fat "0".  Your filters did everything you said they would......Thank you - Thank you - Thank you.  You will be getting my busness again!!  Thanks again,"
Larry T., Skowhegan, Maine (ME)

"We recently (November 2007) bought the PureMaster and FluorideMaster Whole House Water Filters, and we are very pleased with them. It is so nice not having to bother with the [other point-of-use] faucet and shower filters we were using before...Thanks for your great products and sharing your expertise!"
Donny & Sandy B., Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina (NC)

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